Formulation of Sustainable Financing Strategies/Scheme for PA CY 2012


The target protected area for this activity is Taal Volcano Protected Landscape (TVPL). Major activities to formulate sustainable financing strategies/scheme for TVPL include Stocktaking, Investment Framework Plan Development, Promotion and Marketing, Monitoring and Evaluation and Capacity Building for Implementation of Management Plan.


⇒ Inventory of existing economic activities in the PA

            The identified existing economic activities within Taal Volcano Protected Landscape (TVPL) are mostly fish cage operations. A total of 5,938 fish cages are currently operating within Taal Lake summarized as follows:



⇒ Identification of Revenue Generating Activities

          1.    Accreditation

                 Accreditation of feed millers was implemented on December 17, 2009. During the year, a total of 10 feed millers were accredited by the PAMB TVPL, namely:

                         ●   San Miguel Foods, Inc.

                         ●   Santeh Feeds Corporation

                         ●   Feedmix Specialist Inc. II

                         ●   Philippine Foremost Milling Corp.

                         ●   First El Presidente Mfg. Inc.

                         ●   ALMARCO

                         ●   Sahara Feeds Corp.

                         ●   JetBest Multilines Corp.

         2.   IPAF Collection

               Meantime that the proposed bill to be sponsored by Congressman Angelo Palmones has not been approved yet, the PAMB enacted the following resolutions to generate revenues:

Resolution No. 15 Series 2011.  A Resolution Amending the Establishment of Integrated Protected Area Fund (IPAF) for the Taal Volcano Protected Landscape (TVPL) confirmed that a project with capitalization of 50M and above shall pay fifty thousand pesos (Php 50, 000.00) for PAMB Clearance.


Resolution No. 17 Series of 2011. A Resolution Amending the Resolution No. 22 Series of 2009 establishing Integrated Protected Area Fund (IPAF)  for the Taal Volcano Protected Landscape (TVPL) affirmed the collection of an annual fee of five hundred pesos (Php 500.00) per cage per year. 


       ●    The Office collected a total of forty-one thousand pesos (Php 41,000.00) from 82 fish cage operators in San Nicolas, Batangas.


   From the above resolutions, the total amount of One Hundred Ninety-Six Thousand Pesos (Php 196, 000.00) were collected as IPAF as of November 2012.


●    Investment Framework Plan/Ecotourism Business Plan

Development of an investment framework plan/business plan for the proposed ecotourism projects within TVPL is still being drafted. The proposed projects such as Vineyard at Twin Lakes to be located in Brgy. Dayap Itaas, Laurel, Batangas and Tierra Mercedes Resort in Brgy. 7, Poblacion, Cuenca, Batangas were already approved by the PAMB of TVPL as presented during their meeting on 09 August 2012.

Promotion and marketing activities showcasing the proposed ecotourism projects within TVPL as well as the investment framework plan were not yet undertaken. Coordination with the concerned Offices such as Provincial Tourism Office and LGU Batangas are on-going.

●    Monitoring and Evaluation 

The Regional Monitoring Team organized thru a Regional Special Order is accountable for the conduct of monitoring/inspection of the accomplishments vis-à-vis the target activities (e.g. activities under stocktaking, investment framework plan development, promotion and marketing, and implementation of management plan) specified in the approved FY 2012 Work and Financial Plan for the said protected area. 


●    Capacity building 

        ⇒ Capacity Building-Seminar 

On 17 December 2012, capacity building-seminar was conducted by the PAMB EXECOM. Highlights of said activity areas follows: 

1.  Reports on Ecotourism Subcommitte by Ms. Chona A. Andal,

2.  Accomplishment for CY 2012 and Plan of Activities for 2013 of the Task Force on Environmental Law Enforcement for Taal Volcano Protected Landscape (TFELE-TVPL) by Admin. Victor M. Reyes,

3.  Status of the Implementation of TVPL Management Plan by PASu Victor H. Mercado and scheduling of the next PAMB EXECOM meeting.

        ⇒ Capacity Building cum Study Tour of the Protected Area Superintendents and the DENR Officials and Staff in Occidental Mindoro, MIMAROPA Region  

The Capacity Building cum Study Tour of the Protected Area Superintendents (PASus) and the DENR Officials and Staff in Occidental Mindoro, MIMAROPA Region was conducted   on 08-11 December 2012 to enhance their skills on protected are a resource valuation, ecotourism development and biodiversity conservation. The focus of the capacity building cum study tour was on sustainable financing of protected areas within the CALABARZON Region. The said activity was participated by the PASus and Assistant PASus of ten (10) protected areas within the CALABARZON region, namely; MPPMNGPL, QPL, BRWFR, Presidential Proclamation No. 1636, MBSCPL, AWA, IWFR, PWFR, MSPL, and PPL. The same was also participated/ facilitated by the Protected Areas and Wildlife Division (PAWD) and Planning Management Division (PMD) Staff with the supervision of the OIC-Chief, Protected Area Management Section (PAMS). The participants were assisted by EMS I Ma. Teresita P. David, Jr. of DENR MIMAROPA Region. 

             Listed hereunder were the activities undertaken during the capacity building cum study tour, to wit: 

1.  Orientation/Presentation/Sharing of lessons learned and best practices in Apo Reef Natural Park and Mts. Iglit-Baco National Park by its respective PASus and Assistant PASus; and, 

2.  Guided Tour around Apo Reef Natural Park and Tamaraw Gene Pool Farm/Mts. Iglit-Baco National Park