Ecotourism Development CY 2012


Operationalization of the Regional Ecotourism Committee

The first regular meeting of the Regional Ecotourism Committee (REC) was held on March 16, 2012 at the DOT Southern Tagalog Region Conference Room, DENCRIS Business Center, Halang, Calamba City. The highlights of the meeting were the following:

  1. Presentation of the final/revised Feasibility Study and Ecotourism Development Plan for Pamitinan Protected Landscape (PPL) by Mr. Ten Belosillo, assisting professional/consultant of the Local Government of Rodriguez, Rizal; 
  2. Presentation of the results of the assessment conducted by the Laguna Lake Development Authority Consolidated Technical Review Group (LLDA-CTRG) regarding the Proposed Wawa-Rodriguez Eco-Tourism Sub-Project, by Ms. Jocelyn Siapno of LLDA-LISCOP; and
  3. Approval of the Feasibility Study of the LGU of Rodriguez regarding the Montalban Wawa Eco-Tourism Sub-Project within PPL, subject to consideration of the comments and recommendations of the Committee members and completion of the necessary permits/clearances from appropriate agencies. The 2nd meeting of REC on 17 August 2012 evaluated and approved the project of LGU of Teresa, Rizal entitled, “Teresa Learning Resource Center and Eco-park thru Resolution no. 2012-002.

Ecotourism Development

The Eco-Tourism Management Plan for MPPMNGPL was prepared and submitted by the OIC-PENR Officer, Cavite and concurrent PASu, MPPMNGPL. Joint review made by the Ecotourism Monitoring and Evaluation Team (EMET) of Cavite Province and this Sector on the said plan as per Joint DENR-DOT Memorandum Circular No. 98-02 and DENR Administrative Order No. 2009-09 disclosed that the same contained environmentally-sound/low-impacting, educationally viable, and socially/economically-benefitting activities and developments however, provided rather insufficient details/information being required by the above-mentioned memorandum circular and administrative order.

The plan for the proposed ecotourism development project in PPL entitled, Montalban Wawa Eco-Tourism Sub-Project was prepared by the Municipal Government of Rodriguez, Rizal in collaboration with the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) - Laguna De Bay Institutional Strengthening and Community Participation (LISCOP) project, thru the guidance of DENR-CENR Office, Antipolo City. The said project was approved by the Regional Ecotourism Committee (REC) during its meeting on March 16, 2012. Results of the monitoring and evaluation undertaken by the EMET of Rizal Province on the implementation of the aforesaid project revealed that the LGU of Rodriguez was still on the process of relocating the informal settlers within PPL to the duly identified relocation sites and that, the same already commenced the construction of infrastructures which will not significantly affect the PA occupants who are not yet relocated.

The Ecotourism Business Plan for TVPL, specifically at Brgy. Alas-as, San Nicolas, Batangas, was prepared by the CENR Office, Calaca, Batangas. The said plan basically aimed to improve and advertise the astonishing feature of the Taal Volcano Island, particularly its crater site commonly known as A Volcano within a Lake, and a Lake within a Volcano. The EMET of Quezon Province had monitored the activities undertaken at BPL, as stipulated in the Ecotourism Development Plan of BPL submitted in 2007. Monitoring and evaluation results showed that there had been developments in the said protected area through the initiative of the Municipal Government of Mulanay, Quezon, these were; improvement of an approximately 300-meter long trail from the main road to the burial grounds, and construction of a bunkhouse to serve as entry point to the protected area and visitor’s information center.