Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation CY 2011


Upholding the principle of protecting the climate system for the benefit of humankind by contributing to the stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere and building of local resilience to climate change-related disasters, the following major accomplishments were realized for this year:

Mitigating Measure:

► Implementation of National Greening Program, wherein an increase in the potential of existing carbon pool to store carbon is expected from the newly planted seedlings of approximately 3 million regionwide (Details of accomplishment on this are provided on page 49).

► Intensified Forestlands, Mangrove and Protected Areas Protection, thus the capacity of existing vegetations to store carbon is sustained.

Adaptation Measures:

► Provision of necessary geological data and scientific information on geological and other natural hazards in support of the National Government’s Disaster Risk Reduction Management Program, wherein 14 municipalities in the province of Quezon were assessed Province of Quezon were assessed using 1:10,000 scale maps with a total of three hundred six (306) barangays.

→Fifty-five (55) barangays were evaluated in the municipalities of Real, Infanta and General Nakar (REINA group); 

→One hundred (100) barangays were assessed in the municipalities of Mauban, Sampaloc, Lukban and Tayabas; 

→Seventy-five (75) barangays for the municipalities of Lucena, Sariaya and Pagbilao; 

→Seventy-six (76) barangays in the towns of Guinyangan, Tagkawayan, Calauag and Buenavista using 1:10,000 scale maps

► Series of workshops/trainings/seminars/lectures on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation were provided to different stakeholders. (Details on this are provided in the Cross-Cutting Accomplishments portion of this Report)

► Implementation of Executive Order No. 533 “Adopting Integrated Coastal Management as a National Strategy to Ensure the Sustainable Development of the Country’s Coastal and Marine Environment and Resources and Establishing Supporting Mechanisms for Its Implementation”, which involves the provision of technical assistance to LGU’s in the Development of Integrated Coastal Management and Coastal Land and Sea Use Zoning Plans, Establishment of Marine Protected Areas, Formulation and Pilot Implementation of Coastal Hazard Management Plan, Rehabilitation of Mangrove areas, including Coastal and Marine-related database management. (Details of accomplishments provided on page 110 of this Report).