Wildlife Conservation and Protection CY 2011


Processing and Issuance of Permits

Various applications for permits for wildlife collection, trade and scientific researches had been processed and issued: Wildlife Gratuitous Permits, Wildlife Import Clearance (WIC), Wildlife Export Permits (WEP), Wildlife Special Use Permit (WSUP) and Wildlife Farm Permits (WFP) ( see Table III-22) .


 Processing and Issuance of Wildlife Farm Permits and Certificate of Wildlife Registration

A total of six (6) Wildlife Farm Permits (WFPs) were issued thru the recommendation of the Regional Wildlife Management Committee (RWMC). Of the six (6) approved WFP’s three (3) were new permittees and the other three (3) were renewal of their permits. Moreover, a Certificate of Wildlife Registration (CWR) was issued to Mr. Francisco M. Alcasid covering 15 heads of Philippine Deer (Cervus marianus).

 Monitoring and Inspection of Stocks for the Issuance of Local Transport Permits

Field offices region-wide issued total of 179 local transport permits (LTP) which monitoring and inspections shoul d l i kewi se been conducted prior to issuance which is part of the procedure. Those LTP’s covered the transport of various wildlife species, byproducts or derivatives and some nursery propagated plants acquired from legal sources from the point of origin to the point of destination. See Table III-23 for list of permittees issued with LTP’s. table iii-23

 Annual Inspection and Validation of Stocks of Wildlife Permittees

 Annual inspection and validation of stocks of some Wildlife Farm Permittees and CWR holders was conducted to assess the existing number and kind of stocks available under their care. This undertaking is also conducted prior to renewal of expired or expiring permits. Those inspected and validated are: (see Table III-24).

table III-24 pic

table iii-24

Operationalization of Regional Wildlife Management Committee (RWMC)

Moreover, thru Regional Special Order No. 2011-291 dated 12 September 2011, the composition of the members of the RWMC was amended wherein additional members from Foundation for Philippine Environment (FPE) and HARIBON Foundation were added.

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