Forest Protection CY 2012

  • Untenured forest areas protected– CALABARZON Region has a total land area of 1,622,861 hectares. Out of these, 380,278 hectares of untenured forestlands were being continuously and intensively protected. Realizing the important role of the citizenry/civilian volunteers and the local officials/military in protecting the remaining forest resources, the region enlisted the valuable services of these groups/individuals in manning checkpoints or monitoring stations to check the entry and exit of forest products. There are 7 strategic monitoring stations being maintained in the Region. 
  • Strengthening of Regional Multi-sector Forest Protection Committee– Regular quarterly meeting were conducted to strengthen and took actions together on various issues affecting forest protection and management.

During the year, four (4) quarterly RMFPC meetings were conducted.

1. First Quarter meeting was held on February 23, 2012 at the Provincial Health Office (PHO) Conference Hall, PHO Building, Laguna Provincial Capitol Compound, Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Attended by 33 regular member/ TWG and 18 guest and other participants. During the meeting 1,500 bdft. of lumber/flitches were donated to Dr. Nora A. Bambo, Assistant School Division Superintendent of Laguna.; Detailed Accomplishments and/or Milestones M & P activities in Rizal, Nagcarlan and San Pablo City, Laguna CY 2012 Maintenance and Protection of 2010 established 40 Hectare Mangrove Plantation located at Barangay Binahaan and Palsabangon Pagbilao, Quezon CY 2012 Annual Report - DENR CALABARZON Region 18

2. Second Quarter RMFPC meeting was held on June 20, 2012 at the Office of the Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator (OPPDC), Provincial Capitol Compound, Batangas City. During the meeting, the Committee agreed that Atty. Fernando S. Belandres, Chief Administrative Division of DENR Region 4A be designated as the Legal Counsel of the RMFPC 4A. Also, a resolution were formulated that all confiscated forest products be directly donated by the DENR to LGUs provided it will be utilized/donated to the DepEd.


3. Third Quarter meeting conducted on September 28, 2012 at the Conference Hall, Legislative Building, Brgy. Luciano, Trece Martirez City, Cavite. Attended by 23 regular members/TWG AND 10 guest and other participants;

4. The Fourth RMFPC meeting conducted on December 14, 2012 at the Conference Room, 1st Floor Sanguniang Panlalawigan Hall, Brgy. 10, Lucena City.


Conduct of Information, Education Campaign – The Region spearheaded by PENR and CENR Offices provided massive awareness on ENR policies specifically on illegal cutting activities, and they were able to accomplish the following: 

  • Conducted lectures on various topics of environmental protection, forestry laws and sustainable management of natural resources in various forums/ gatherings facilitated either by the DENR, LGUs, other agencies, and private entities; 
  • Produced and disseminated various IEC materials, coming in the form of flyers, leaflets posters and other forms to different clienteles;
  • conducted 8 trainings/capability building on Deputation of Environmental and Natural Resources Officer(DENRO) for the volunteers and other stakeholders: A total of 259 volunteers/participants were successfully deputized.
  • 12


Due to these activities, our partners in protecting the environment were continuously increasing thus, making our protection and conservation effort more effective as showed in the number of successful anti-illegal logging operations conducted during the year.


    • Anti Logging Campaign- The intensified campaign and operation against illegal cutting/gathering/transporting of forest product resulted in the 162 incidents of apprehensions and in the confiscation of a total of 572.264 cubic meters of round logs and lumber/flitch with an estimated gross value of P6,131,635.21 and 79 conveyances valued at P14,760,000.00.

                    Confiscated, likewise for the year 2012 are the following:

                                 50 units of various tools/equipments with estimated value of P490,500.00;13

                                   ⇒ 8 units of Isuzu Diesel motor/ engine with an estimated value of P191,000.000;

                                   ⇒ 9 units of bandsaw/bandsaw with ply-wheel with an e s t ima t e d v a l u e o f P155,000.00;

                                   ⇒ 1 unit power saw with a value of P30,000.00; ⇒ 3 units circular saw/chainsaw with a value of P50,000.00;

                                   ⇒ 1 unit electric planer with a value of P8,000.00; and ⇒ 10 units of bandsaw blade with an estimated value of P10,000.00.

                                 3 pieces sledge and 1 elf-load slabs with an estimated value of P193,670.00; and 

                                 3,693 sacks and 344 repack of charcoal with an estimated value of P434,600.00


The incidents of apprehensions were high during this year 2012, 162 as against to 137 of last year 2011 or 118% increase. The volume of confiscated products dropped by 42% wherein 572.264 cubic meters in 2012 as compared to 1,363.61 cubic meters in 2011. The increase in incidence for this year is attributed to the intensified surveillance and antiillegal operations conducted and the strengthened cooperation from among the partner agencies as mandated under EO 23. Relative to anti-illegal campaign efforts and the determination of the Office to stop and or put to minimum level the incidents of illegal logging/cutting/ timber poaching within the region and in pursuant to the provisions and implementation of EO 23, Anti-illegal Logging Task Force were created and strengthened especially on Hot Spot areas.


  • In the Province of Quezon, “Oplan Sierra Madre” was created in REINA ( Real, Infanta and Gen. Nakar) areas. Despite the devastating disaster that occurred in the area in 2004 which claimed numerous lives and damaged properties, infrastructures, etc., the prevalence of illegal logging/timber poaching activities still persisted. Tremendous efforts to neutralize illegal activities within the hot spot areas, series of operations were being conducted which resulted to apprehensions of volimnous illegally-cut timber/lumber and cases were filed against violators/offenders  
  • In the Province of Laguna, “Oplan Berde”- a joint operations of DENR and Philippine Army were conducted on April 12, 13, 24 and 25, 2012. The operations was successfully implemented and resulted to apprehension of more than 100 cubic meters of logs/lumber/flitch and confiscation of Detailed Accomplishments and/or Milestones Map showing the sightings of illegal logs and flitches along coastal Barangays of Gen. Nakar Apprehended forest products in Brgys. Dinahican, Infanta, and Canaway, Gen. Nakar, Quezon on July 24—27 and 30—31, 2012 CY 2012 Annual Report - DENR CALABARZON Region 21 conveyances, machineries and equipments. The task force operations were supported and funded by Gov. ER Ejercito. Likewise, the Regional Anti-illegal Logging Task Force chaired by the Regional Executive Director were also conducted series of operations in the provinces of Laguna, Quezon and Rizal.


Disposition of confiscated forest products 

                During the period a total of 18,050.63 board feet of forfeited forest products were disposed as follows:

 DepEd - (11,928 bd. ft.) DepEd Laguna—10,746 bd.ft.. The confiscated logs/lumber during the Oplan Berde operations in Laguna were manufactured into finished armchairs, fabricated desk and tables. Ungos National High School in Real,Quezon—1,182 bd. ft. for the construction of stockroom, benches, and minor repair of classroom windows. 

LGUs - (650 bd. ft.) Donated to LGU of Sampaloc, Quezon for the manufacture of various school fixtures and repair of ceiling. 

Other Government Agencies - (5,472 bd. ft.) Donated to 59th IB, 2ID, and 202 IB of Philippine Army for the construction of Brigade Headquarters and repair of vital facilities.