Maintenance and Protection of Established Plantations CY 2012


Maintenance and Protection of Established Plantations

The regions reforestation effort was continued with greater resolve and effort. A total of 6,721 hectares of forestlands previously planted to trees of protective and commercial values have been continuously supported with budget to ensure its required silvicultural maintenance and protection from fire, pest and disease. The activity included strip brushing, weeding, replanting and construction of fire lines. Removal of tidal debris and barnacles were being done in mangrove plantations.

The DENR personnel in-charge of plantation coordinated with the concerned LGUs or organizations in the vicinity of the project to gain support for the maintenance and protection of developed plantations.

This year’s target for maintenance and protection included the area planted in 2011 and early part of 2012 which is 6,179 hectares; planted areas in 2010 which is 542 hectares or a total of 6,721 hectares.

It can be recalled that only 5,903 hectares were established/planted in 2011 out of the 6,135-hectare target due to the late delivery of seedlings by the ERDB, however, the backlog of 232 hectares were already planted during the early part of 2012 hence its inclusion in the maintenance and protection during the year Also included was the stream bank rehabilitation of 44 hectares that totaled to 6,721- hectare area protected in 2012.

The locations of 6,179 hectares 2 – Year Old and 542 hectare 3-Year Old plantation being maintained are shown in Tables F-3 and F-4.