DENR Region IV-A National Greening Program (NGP) Summit CY 2011


This was conducted last May 19, 2011 at Yazaki Torres, Calamba City, Laguna and participated by a total of 202 participants coming from the DENR – Central Office (7), Regional (57) and field offices (31), Private Sectors/Business Sectors (20), National Government Agencies (20), Local Government Units (22), Academe/ Advocacy(28), Civil Organizations/ NGOs/ Pos (6) and members of the press/media (11). (see Annex III-34). 120412 20

The Summit was purposely done to gather commitments and support from different stakeholders/entities as regards implementation of the Executive Order No. 26 Series of 2011.

The highlights of the Summit were the following:

  • A Ceremonial Tree Planting of Golden Coconut and Balitbitan was conducted and led by the DENR Officers and Staff, Yazaki – Torres Mfg., Inc. (YTMI), Mayor Sonia T. Aquino & Officers at the Yazaki – Torres Compound.
  • 120412 21
  • Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing between the DENR thru the Regional Executive Director and Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing, Inc. thru its President Mr. Feliciano Torres, witnessed by RTD Federico L. Ocampo and YTMI Vice President Almeda.

120412 22

  • NGP Powerpoint Presentation by RTD Federico L. Ocampo

The presentation focused first on the status of Philippine Forests and Issues to be addressed followed by the details of National Greening Program (E.O. 26) to include Implementing Guidelines, NGP National Goal, R-IVA Projected Targets, Objectives, Coverage, Strategies, Lead Agencies/Partner Agencies, Responsibilities of Different Agencies. 120412 23

  • NGP Website Presentation by DENR-ASEC Marlo D. Mendoza


ASEC Mendoza explained that the NGP website provides many ways of communicating and informing the audience of the newly installed website for NGP Purposes. The web serves as source/ library with the following important features: Learn; Plant (instructional manual, with information where to find seedlings, materials, proper, care & maintenance); and Donate – (with information if partners want to donate). 120412 24

ASEC further explained that when browsing at the website, the color of the Phils.’ Map is still brown, when planted & inspected it will become green. When one decides to register, there is a box on the left side where you can locate the area where to plant. In the provided box, fill out your name and submit to DENR and check if the site is still available for planting. This is one way of being transparent of what the government is doing as regards management of ENR resources. By viewing the website, an individual will know the status of NGP implementation.

  • Expression of Support to the National Greening Program


Ms. Digna P. Narvacan of the Department of Agriculture expressed that along with NGP, Food Security is a priority, therefore the DA committed production of planting materials such as Cacao, Coffee, Rubber and etc. Support can be institutionalized.







 Dir. Antonio Evangelista, as one of the lead agencies, DAR emphasized the importance of farming. It will be more focused and it will be a program for everybody.

120412 25

120412 26

The LGU of Kinataw an, Sariaya said that “Nasa amin ang bundok, dagat, at kapatagan, kasama sa Comprehensive Development Plan inaatasan ang mga mag-aasawa na magtanim muna ng puno bilang kundisyon para sa pagaasawa”. All barangays should be surveyed, bamboo production is encouraged as well as continuous awareness thru DZLJ 107 FM ”Ridges to Reef’. 

The DepEd imbue on patriotism, youth for the environment and network among schools. He also stressed on IEG or Institutional Environmental Governance . 

The STARDECC/PCCARD focused on Coconut-based – agroforestry. 

The private sector particularly First Gas stressed that they really serve as partner of the environment because the business helps protect the environment.

  • NGP Workshop wherein production of 1,219,700 seedlings and planting within 267.77 hectares commitments were gathered.

 ► Database Management under the Support Services, Forestry and Land Sectors

  • One (1) Regional Website updated and maintained: To better serve the region’s clienteles, the DENRC A L A B A R Z O N w e b s i t e is being improved and updated. New features from the website include the following: Region’s Management cum Investment Plan for 2011-2016; Regional Maps; NGP in the Region, and Time to Watch.
120412 27

  •  Land Records Management: This aims to improve/upgrade management of public land and survey records. in line with the modernization of information, communication, and technology (ICT). The main activity is to convert all existing public land and survey records into digital format. (Details of accomplishments on this were already discussed on page 146 of this Report)

► Field Netw ork Survey: The Densification of Philippine Reference System of 1992 also known as the PRS ’92 aims to solve overlapping boundaries, land disputes/conflicts, and other land problems/issues of the country. The System is also envisioned to support sustainable management and development of Environment and Natural Resources. The PRS ‘92 is now being recognized as the standard reference system for all surveys and maps in the country.

The DENR Administrative Order No. 2005-13 provides the overall guidelines in the implementation of the PRS ‘92 program. (Details of accomplishments on this were already discussed on Part III of this Report)

► Management Effectiveness Assessment Management Effectiveness Assessment (MEA) is a system of evaluating how well a protected area being managed by the management board primarily to the extent of protecting values, achieving goals and objectives of the PA. (Details of accomplishments are provided on Part III of this Report).

Series of Lectures/Seminars/Training to Stakeholders

Several  Several students/individuals were trained, informed and educated on recent ENR-related events, programs and policies.

  • Dalaw-Turo Program: In coordination with the Quezon Power (Philippines), Limited Company, Mauban, Quezon and the Local Gov’t of Mauban thru its MENRO had the following Dalaw-Turo conducted: (see below).

120412 28

  • In addition to last year’s lectures and film showing with regards to Climate Change, topics on Executive Order No. 23, National Greening Program and the Environmental Programs of LGU Mauban, Quezon were included.
  • IEC on climate change, global warming, water degradation, organizational structure of DENR, vision and mandate, celebration of World Water Day, Arbor Day, Coastal Clean-up; other issues affecting environment and natural resources as well as how to protect and conserve them were conducted from January to April for Schools, Bureau of Treasury Regional Office, in Pila, Los Baños, Calamba City, Victoria, and San Pablo City, Laguna.
  • Lectures were conducted last March 28 and May 27 regarding Executive Order 23 (Moratorium in Cutting within Residual and Natural Forests) at Provincial Public Safety Command Group at Brgy. Llavac, Real Quezon and Burdeos Municipal Session Hall, Burdeos, Quezon
  • Series of lectures at different elementary schools in Real, I
  • IEC on 3rd-Year Students in St. Peter School Calauag was conducted. The topics that were discussed include: Diversity of country’s natural resources and Climate Change, ways of Mitigation and Adaptation.
  • In celebration of Month of Ocean, an Environmental Protection Lecture (as per request by the Military Officials of Camp Riego de Dios, Tanza, Cavite) was conducted for the 558 college students under the ROTC Sumer Camp Training (RCST) and Advance ROTC Academic Phase Military Science 31 and 32.
  • Science Research Specialist Primitiva A. Galupo participated in the conduct of IEC on climate change with community people of Barangay Tupacan and Abo-abo in Mauban, Quezon together with Dalaw-Turo Team of the PENRO Quezon and Quezon Power Limited Company.
  • IEC on Solid Waste Management, Wildlife Conservation and Implementation of Operational Plan for the Manila Bay Coastal Strategy was conducted last February 4, 2011 at San Rafael III and IV Noveleta, Cavite, participated by 31 persons compose of barangay officials and residents
  • Conducted Orientation/Consultative Workshop/Write shop on ICM Planning and Preparation of Coastal and Marine Water Zoning Plan for the municipality of Pagbilao, Quezon on May 26-27, 2011.
  • Environmental Protection Training was provided last Feb.9 in ARESCOM, Camp Riego de Dios, Tanza, Cavite, participated by 80 students of the probationary officers training course (POTC) CLASS 31-0, resource speakers from MGB and EMB calabarzon and DENR Cavite
  • Training on Integrated Information Management System (IIMS) for the province of Quezon was conducted to 70 participants from different LGU’s, academe, DENR personnel and OGA’s last April 6-7, 2011 at Queen Margarette Hotel, Lucena City

► Distribution of IEC materials

Several copies of technical and popular materials were produced and distributed to different stakeholders during this year. This is being done also to increase awareness and involvement of the public in matters related to the conservation, protection, and management of ENR. (See Annex III-35 for the list of some materials).

► Exhibits

  • One photo exhibit was conducted with a theme, “Malinis na Katubigan Para sa Maunlad na Pamayanan
  • In celebration of the UPLB-101 Anniversary, PENRO/CENRO in Lalakay, Los Baños, Laguna participated by exhibiting DENR programs at the lobby.

  • Exhibit launched last August 15-18, 2011 at the San Antonio de Padua College in Pila, Laguna by the IEC Unit of CENRO Los Baños, Laguna aimed at informing the students and parents, and visitors of the school of the plans, programs and accomplishments of DENR-R4-CALABARZON on the implementation of environment protection, preservation, and rehabilitation.

120412 29





► Airing/Radio Broadcasting

More than 20 airtime of local broadcast regarding DENR programs and projects were conducted for this semester of CY 2011:

120412 30


  • Over 1116 Khz Radio DZLB,-UPLB-Tinig ng Kanluran Boses ng Kalikasan Radi o Guestings at ERP’s Radio Program and Chit chat Show at 95.9 FM
  • Over 104.9FM Radyo Natin Station in Catanauan, Quezon last April 12, 2011
  • Airing telecast at channel 6, local TV in Real ,Quezon, Advertisement from April 7-13 regarding E.O. No. 23 (Moratorium of cutting in residual and natural forests)
  • Local broadcast at RADYO NATIN CALAUAG, 100.9 khz pertaining to NGP and CENRO Calauag commitment

(See Annex III-36 for more local airings/broadcasting).

► Press Releases

  • Press release on the launching of REINA National Convergence Initiative Program
  • National Greening Program published at “Kliping Times, Serving the Community, Serving the Nation Vol. 2, No. 12 issue.

(See Annex III-37 also for list of some press releases regionwide).

► Provision of Technical Assistances to Different Stakeholders: More than 100 different entities (LGU’s, NGA’s/individuals/organizations and schools) were provided with ENR-related technical assistances.

  • LGUs/NGAs/individuals/organizations and schools in different public and private elementary/high school were coordinated and participated under the Trees for Re-greening in Each and Every School (‘TREES”) program. They are encouraged in greening, beautification and subsequently cleaning the surrounding air. The program was strengthened and supported in providing technical assistance thru the provision of seedlings/planting stocks to requesting parties. Lectures were also given to disseminate information about the importance of caring for the environment, nursery operation, proper planting techniques, maintenance and protection of planted seedlings such as putting up tree guards, ring weeding and replanting.

► Support to the National Greening Program (NGP)

In support to the National Greening Program of the President and the DENR Secretary, the research sector has conducted the following activities:

1. Initiated the creation of the Regional Forest Tree Seed Committee pursuant to DAO 2010-11 through the issuance of Regional Special Order No. 047 dated February 10, 2011

2. Initiated the creation of the NGP Regional Steering Committee and Regional Working Groups through the issuance of Regional Special Order No. 049 dated February 10, 2011

3. Attended the National Leveling-off on the implementation of National Greening Program (NGP) – Production of Quality Planting Materials (PQPM) on February 28, 2011 at Traders Hotel Roxas Blvd. Pasay City

4. Initiated the creation of a Technical Working Group to assist the Regional Bids and Awards Committee in the procurement of Quality Planting Materials through the issuance of Regional Special Order No. 088 dated March 14, 2011

5. Prepared and submitted to the office of the Regional Executive Director a Work and Financial Plan for the rehabilitation of the clonal nursery in Pagbilao and expansion of its hedge gardens.

6. Tentatively distributed targets for the production of QPMs to the PENROs and CENROs, subject to revision as soon as the final targets shall have been set by the ERDB.

7. Coordinated with the Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Plant Industry and obtained a list of their accredited fruit tree/agricultural crop seedling nursery.Coordinated with the PENROs and obtained list of forest tree seedling nurseries for validation as possible sources of QPM.

8. Coordinated with the chairperson, Regional Bids and Awards Committee on the procurement of QPMS.

9. Assisted in the preparation of plans and organized activities for the National Greening Program Regional Consultative Summit

10. Prepared, forwarded/delivered and confirmed the invitation letter and program of activities for the National Greening Program Regional Consultative Summit

11. Served as member of the technical working group and formulated the Terms of Reference for the procurement of quality planting materials.

12. Collection of wildlings on areas where there are reported mother trees of good qualities: 50,000 wildlings of the following species: Coffee, Dulitan (Palaquium merrillii), Balobo (Diplodiscus paniculatus), Malaikmo (Celtis philippinensis) , Malabato, Nangka (Artocarpus heterophylla), Antipolo (Artocarpus blancoi), Cacao(Theobroma cacao), Tapak, Lipote, Santol, DAlungyan (Artocarpus communis), Kamagong (Diospyros philippinensis) , and Kalingan (Cinnamomum camphora). The survival of potted seedlings noted was about 50-70%.

13. Potting of mangrove propagules was also done at the Mangrove Nursery in Barangay Ibabang Palsabangon. To date, there are 27,000 propagules of Malatangal, Pototan, Pototan lalaki, and Busin that were potted and being conditioned at the mangrove nursery.