UPLB FDC-DENR book reveals successes of the National Greening Program


UPLB FDC-DENR book reveals successes of the National Greening Program

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region 4A CALABARZON partnered with the Forestry Development Center (FDC) of the College of Forestry and Natural Resources (CFNR) in the University of the Philippines Los Baños in producing a book on the National Greening Program in Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) which comprehensively captured experiences and lessons in implementing one of the flagship programs of the Pnoy administration, with the DENR as the main implementing agency.

The book, entitled Bringing out the Best of the National Greening Program: Success Stories and Best Practices in the CALABARZON Region, takes pride in showing the successful stories of the stakeholders—the DENR field offices, local government units, the academic community, other government agencies and the peoples’ organizations and upland communities— in pushing for well-rehabilitated and well-preserved forests in the region. The book describes the best practices of the stakeholders in achieving the goals of NGP in Calabarzon and how far the program has reached since its inception in 2011.

Dr. Antonio Carandang, director of the UPLB-CFNR’s FDC, in the book’s foreword, said, “The book serves as an important testament in articulating the good experiences of various stakeholders in the region which may serve as a guide and inspiration in upscaling the NGP.”

“There is more work to be done,” Carandang said, “But the indicators of success are not far behind. The participants are doing their roles and responsibilities (in achieving the goals of the program).”



Forester Ricardo Calderon, director of the DENR’s Forest Management Bureau and concurrently national coordinator of the NGP, stated, “The documentation of the NGP in its halfway mark serves as a reminder of what the government has been able to achieve through its close cooperation with its partners and what can yet be achieved in the three years remaining and even beyond.”

“We, in Calabarzon, are on target,” DENR Region 4A Calabarzon chief Reynulfo A. Juan stressed, “We will be able to cover our 119,070 hectares target by early 2016. That is our humble contribution to President Pnoy’s, and the DENR’s target of 1.5 million hectares to have been planted with 1.5 billion seedlings, before his term ends. ”

“To date, 63,038 hectares out of 119,070 hectares have been planted with 39 million seedlings in NGP areas in the five provinces in Calabarzon. 17,164 hectares will be planted this year, 2015, and the remaining 38,868 will be done in 2016,” Juan asserted.

Gaudencio Audie L. de la Cruz, chief of DENR Calabarzon’s Regional Public Affairs Office revealed that copies of the 134-page-full-color book has reached the very same people in the featured NGP sites and those who have helped produce the book. De la Cruz handled photography and coordination work on the book project.

He said officers and representatives of peoples organizations who attended an “NGP Peoples Organizations Summit” recently held in Quezon City, were also given copies. “Those not featured in the book, but are active in the implementation, may find inspiration in the book. Who knows, they will be featured in the next book,” he added..

He further revealed that ample copies have been sent to the DENR’s 16 regional field offices. He said the copies of the book will also reach the 142 municipal and city mayors’ and the five governors’ offices within Calabarzon. It will also be made available in the provincial libraries and school libraries in the region for the schools’ faculty and students read.

Feedbacks from early readers on the efforts of the FDC and DENR Calabazon Region in producing the book are coming in positively. DENR Region 12 Regional Director Datu Tungko M. Saikol sent a message from his Koronadal City office stating, “We found (the book) visually-appealing, well-researched, and well-edited. We would like to congratulate your office for coming up with such a very laudable project.”

“We would like to extend felicitations to all the men and women of the documentation project team who did a superb job,” Saikol added.

The documentation project team included Joel Paredes and Forester Renato de Rueda, for concept, research, writing and editing; Bert Tortoza and Roger Trinidad, technical experts; Angie Chui and Ian Go, writer-researchers; Cris Michelena, audio-visual production director; Boy Luna, cover design and layout.

Dr. Carandang was supported by Dr. Aresna Palacpac, Sofronio Camacho, Ma. Cynthia Casin and Bernardo Aguilon.

DENR Region 4A’s Regional Technical Director for Forestry William Palaypayon and Forester Ronita Unlayao led the regional team in the review and finance work of the book project.

As one of the most creative and comprehensive government projects, NGP continues to pursue a sustainable forestry development necessary for food security, people’s livelihood, biodiversity conservation, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. This long-running project proves that the government is one with the people in bringing back more beneficial resources derived from the forests. (Jayson Septimo, IO, RPAO) #



 NGP Book 2015

The Book.
Bringing out the Best of the National Greening Program: Success Stories and Best Practices in the CALABARZON Region. Book design and layout by Boy Luna.


NGP Book Cover Photo

The cover photo by Gaudencio Audie L. de la Cruz




3 PO leader gets a copy of the NGP book

Salvadora Gallardo, secretary of Famy Upland Farmers’ Cooperative shows the pages where her group was featured. She stopped taking odd jobs at the town proper and focused on the 195-hectares area in the uplands of Famy in Laguna for planting under the NGP.


3 PO leader gets a copy of the NGP book  from RD RA Juan 

DENR Region 4A Regional Director
Reynulfo Juan gives a PO member a copy of the book.