Name of Lake Location (area coverage) Area (hectare) Depth

(in meter)

Water Quality Description
 Calibato Brgy. Sto. Angel in San Pablo City and Brgys. Tala and Antipolo in Rizal, Laguna 43 156 (average) BOD measurements were within Class C water criteria for (average of 7 and maximum of 10 mg/L) but there is an increasing trend in the ten-year period undicating a rise in the amount of organic matter in the lake; in critical state.
 Mohicap Brgy. Sta. Catalina, San Pablo City, Laguna 22.89 30 (maximum) In critical state; BOD concentration with increasing trend such that the level at 2005 was already almost within the maximum limit; low levels of COD; desirable DO level of 5 mg/L attained only at the surface of the lake.
 Pandin Brgy. San Lorenzo, San Pablo City, Laguna 24  61.75 (maximum) One of the cleanest among the crater lakes of San Pablo City; potential eco-tourism site; constantly met the Class C criterion; COD with downward trend; low algal counts (193 to 2,600 cells per ml from 1996 to 2005)
 Sampaloc San Pablo City (City proper)  104 27 (maximum) BOD were within the set criterion for Class waters, with increasing trend; COD values ranged from 4 ml/L to 80 ml/L. (increasing from 1996-2004 and decreased in 2005); noted with average of 4.25 tons fish/ha/yr productivity.
 Yambo (assessment period 2002-2005) Brgy. Sulsugin in Nagcarlan and Brgy. San Lorenzo in San Pablo City, Laguna 30.5   With best water quality; met Class C water criteria (fishing water); BOD level has been consistently low with almost only 2 ml/L average annually; COD with increasing trend (nitrogen, ammonia, phosphate); increasing trend in algal counts.
 Bunot San Pablo City (4.5 km away from city proper) 30.5 23 (maximum) Most critical; with high BOD values exceeding the Class C criterion; adequate DO available only at the surface of the lake; COD with increasing trend (ammonia and phosphate)
 Palakpakin Brgys. Buenaventura, San Lorenzo, Dolores, San Pablo City 47.98 7.7 (average) BOD levels within the criteria set for Class C water; improved water quality is shown in the trend of COD for the 10-year period since decreasing levels are reached.